Founded 30 years ago, French outdoor furniture and lighting manufacturer MAIORI is the pioneer of portable solar autonomous light design. Building on its global operations, the company is now an industry leader, with a presence in 25 countries worldwide. The outdoor solar lightings is an innovative technology that MAIORI has continued to develop to create a new generation of solar module which become now hybrid and Bluetooth connected. This new solar module remains even more efficient and keeps the right balance of efficiency between size, battery chaging and lighting time/power.

To achieve this balance between technology and sophistication, the manufacturer has handpicked the best energy conductors in the market-LEDs, a solar panel and attery-and assembled them in a pattented module. Highly compact, it can be integrated into a light or any other practical or decorative structure.

Technically advanced and highly resistant, the module generates electricity. Its design guarantees the reliability and durability of its solar lights for outdoor use, whatever the size or model.

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