Arita Vessels

Arita Vessels


DIMENSIONS C74 x H90mm C122 x H58mm C147 x H35mm C188 x H66mm C213 x H42mm C264 x H20mm C290 x H31mm

MATERIAL Porcelain

Arita Vessels and Arita Liquid

The ceramic set of seven bowls and plates started as a project ensemble under “A Cabinet of Curiosity”, where seven objects are to be displayed in a glass cabinet that carries emblems of seven animals which relate to the ‘seven sins’, namely pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.

Each ceramic piece is a different size with varying heights and volumes, blurring the typology of bowls and plates to respond to the contemporary lifestyle of full flexibility with distinction. Each vessel shape offers endless functional possibilities, yet any combination of them suggests a rebirth of a personalized table styling.

Neri&Hu visited the Arita Ceramic Museum when researching for the project and found that the most beautiful and intriguing of all the ceramics ever produced from this region is a traditional plate from 1616, the year when Arita started producing ceramics for the European market.  Neri&Hu applied that particular glaze to a variety of new shapes all based on the simple yet nomadic from the historic artifacts of Arita from the year 1616.

These containers inspired by Chinese traditional wine bottles offer two sizes for cold or warm liquids where the cups for drinking can be stacked at the neck of the bottle to form a visually interesting and complete setting. The brass holder offers a graceful detail to the simple white shape.

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Arita Vessels

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