Collaboration: Stellar Works x AvroKO

Collaboration: Stellar Works x AvroKO

Oct 27, 2021


AvroKO & Stellar Works have crafted a new, transportive line. Taking design inspiration from the iconic New York City Brightliner subway car, the line’s smooth curvature and sleek detailing shares with its namesake the glimmer of optimistic forward-thinking design. Brightliner’s mission is to deliver a direct line to cool, classic comfort.

Born out of Manhattan’s eccentric energy, each piece embodies a sense of raw character, embracing the true nature of New York. The Brightliner subway car is an essential element in the landscape inextricably linked to the unique and vibrant population of the city. And like this the Brightliner Collection is simple, yet authentically cool, born from the vibrant cacophony that is New York.

Recognized as the Design Firm of the Year by HD magazine, AvroKO is celebrating twenty years of designing hospitality spaces. The firm’s four principals are credited with reimagining the industry. Their empire includes a creative agency Brand Bureau; Goodshop Manufacturies, a custom furniture and lighting hub; and AvroKO Hospitality Group which runs their restaurant and bar concepts.