Stellar Works Launches Stay Collection

Stellar Works Launches Stay Collection

May 4, 2022


Stellar Works has unveiled the new Stay collection, its second collaboration with famed Italian architect Michele De Lucchi. He is one of Italy’s most celebrated designers who first rose to fame as a prominent figure in the influential Memphis movement. Consisting of a dining table and a chair, the Stay collection features a playful, agile and organic structure which is a consequence of eliminating the superfluous. The bold design creates a sophisticated aesthetic, while highlighting the natural beauty of the honest materials.

The Stay Dining Table has a round top and comes in all standard wood finishes of Stellar Works’ signature collections. The table is constructed from four pieces of wood that seamlessly join in the centre with a refined edge bevel design. The legs of the table branch into two pieces, reminiscent of a tree but also ensuring the stability of the piece.

The Stay Chair has an equally strong character and is conceived with a completely different mentality from the design of an industrially produced object. Carved from standard wood finishes of Stellar Works’ signature collections, the individual components of the chair are finished by hand making each piece entirely unique.

When approaching the design, De Lucchi wanted the Stay Collection to express sensitivity to nature. All pieces are suited for both home and commercial environments and look equally striking in contemporary or traditional contexts.

Speaking of the Stay collection, De Lucchi says:

“At this time, when we are aware of the climate emergency and the need to change our behaviour, wood is sustainable and makes everything seem natural. I thought it would be fantastic to create a collection carved in wood for Stellar Works, which expresses today's sensitivity for the planet with a strong emotional identity. Wood never makes waste.”